John Harwood Pierce: Ranger of the Plains

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Benjamin Pierce
Genealogy of John Harwood Pierce:
6th Generation

Benjamin Pierce [6th generation] was born July 5, 1777, and died Dec. 5, 1838. He and his descendants form the sixth American generation of Pierces in our family tree. His father was Deacon Benjamin Pierce [5th generation].

Benjamin Pierce [6th generation] was born in Scituate where he resided until his marriage to Deborah Jones. After their marriage, the young couple moved to Chesterfield Mass. Benjamin [6th generation] was a successful businessman. He still owned the family farm of some 400 acres, and still retained the family saw-mills. In addition, he owned two stores. His brother Israel assisted him in running the two stores.

In 1794, U.S. forces crushed Indian resistance in the Ohio region and settlement of Ohio accelerated rapidly after that. Over the next few years, more than 45,000 settlers moved to Ohio.

Like many others of his day, Benjamin [6th generation] was fascinated by the stories he heard of the good life in Ohio. He set out with his family for Ohio, but met misfortune along the way. As a result, he bought a farm in Constantia, New York where he lived for a number of years.

In 1832, U.S. troops were victories in the Black Hawk War, and Indiana and Illinois became the lands of promise.

In 1838, Benjamin [6th generation] set out again, this time for Indiana. Unfortunately, he was taken sick on the journey and died at Miamitown, Ohio on December 5, 1838. He was 61 years old at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife, Deborah who continued to live another 6 years until her death, May 7, 1844 at age 67.

As the son of a Congregationalist church Deacon, Benjamin [6th generation] practiced that faith until he moved to New York. When he settled in Constantia, New York there were no Congregationalist churchs nearby, so he joined the Presbyterian church. He and his family continued to worship in the Presbyterian faith in the years that followed.

35. Benjamin Pierce, born July 5, 1777; died (at age 61) Dec. 5, 1838.

married Deborah Jones on July 8, 1799. Deborah was born on Jan. 6, 1777, and died (at age 67) May 7, 1844 at the age of 67. Both she and Benjamin [6th generation] were 22 years old at the time of their marriage. They had these nine children.

45. Henry Pierce. Born Dec. 29, 1806; married Rebecca Tompkins and Mary Fraser.
46. Benjamin Pierce. Born May 26, 1812; married Lusinai Jenkins.
47. >>> John James Pierce born April 14, 1801. Married Fanny Harwood.
48. Lois Pierce. Born April 10, 1802; died (at age 57) April 6, 1859. Married Clark Bentley on Feb. 19, 1826. Clark Bentley was born June 1, 1801 and died (at age 66) Oct 28, 1867. They resided in Chesterfield, Mass. and had these eight children:
  • Martha L. Pierce, born Jan. 28, 1827; died (at age 16) Sept. 13, 1843.
  • Mary C. Pierce, born Sept. 18, 1828; married a Merrill on Feb. 9, 1849; lived in Marcellus, New York.
  • Lois I. Pierce, born Dec. 20, 1830; married June 12, 1848; died (at age 30) July 9, 1861.
  • Cyrus H. Pierce, born Oct. 25, 1832; married Jan. 18, 1860; lived in O'Neil, Nebraska.
  • Eliza P. Pierce, born May 8, 1835; married Jan.12, 1862; died (at age 33) Feb. 14, 1869.
  • Clark G. Pierce, born June 23, 1837; married Dec. 10, 1867; died (at age 36) April 9, 1873.
  • Benjamin P. Pierce, born Sept. 12, 1840; married Oct. 22, 1868; lived in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
  • Martha J. Pierce, born Apr. 26, 1846; married w. G. Perkins, April 1864; lived in Oakland, Illinois.
49. Harvey Pierce born Sept. 26, 1804. Married Sarah Dickerson.
50. Nancy Pierce born Aug 30, 1808. Married Henry M. Hewett and lived in California. She died (at age 91) Oct. 19, 1899.
51. Jane Pierce born Jan. 20, 1810. Married Dr. John B. Davis. She deied Aug. 5, 1844. They had a daughter, Sarah J. who married Daniel V. Johnston and lived in Brookville, Indiana.
52. Deborah Pierce born May 3, 1814 and died (at age 62) Feb. 16, 1876. Married Aug 3, 1836 to John W. McNaime. John McNaime was born Dec 23, 1814 and died (at age 62) Sept 13, 1877. They lived in Porkdale, Ontario, Canada and had these five children:
  • James H. Pierce, born Aug. 15, 1837; married Dec. 11, 1861; lived in Toronto, Canada.
  • Jane A. Pierce, born March 27, 1839; married Albert McIntosh Feb. 16, 1861; died (at age 46) Aug.18, 1885.
  • Mary C. Pierce, born May 16, 1841; married Thomas H. Miller Aug. 4, 1862; died (at age 21) Aug 4, 1862.
  • Edgar B. Pierce, born Sept 25, 1843; married Sept. 6, 1870; lived in Denver, Colorado.
  • Lois A. Pierce, born sept. 6, 1849.

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