About the Bikers and Their Bikes

Jim Halloran

JimThe Person: Jim is 58 years old, and works as a proposal manager, technical writer, and desktop publisher for Wyle Laboratories, Inc. He also functions as a Macintosh specialist in a Windows world, has been applying Portable Document Format to Wyle's documentation, and is developing a strategy for conversion to electronic forms. Since he cannot telecommute, he has less opportunity during the winter months to train than Barbara, but he makes up for it during Daylight Saving Time. His favorite activity outside of working and cycling is helping to rebuild a P-40B Tomahawk, a rare World War II fighter. His big goal in life, for which this ride is a shakedown, is to ride coast-to-coast in 2001.

Jim and his MasiThe Engine: Jim is 5 feet 111/2 inches tall, weighs 175 pounds, and has 15% body fat. His resting pulse and blood pressure are 64 and 110/70, respectively. He suffers from hemochromatosis, a hereditary inability to regulate iron storage in the body. One result is that he is a 25-year insulin-dependent diabetic, whose near-normal blood sugar levels and freedom from side effects are attributable to cycling and [mostly] healthy eating. One beneficial effect of his chronic condition is extremely low cholesterol (125 mg/dL). He has been cycling for more than 20 years, and likes to ride centuries (100-mile rides). He has suffered two serious crashes in his cycling career that have resulted in broken bones, but suffers only occasional twinges to remind him. Jim uses a heart rate monitor, too, but has no known cardiovascular pathology.

The Bicycle: Jim's mount is a Masi Titanium, and he has the same wheelsets and fork as Barbara. He has the Campagnolo Athena gruppo with a total of 27 gear combinations.

To Contact: You can e-mail Barbara and Jim at scrubjay@adelphia.net.

Last Updated (BC), 2/8/02