About the Bikers and Their Bikes

Barbara Case

BarbaraThe Person: Barbara is 53 years old. She works at California State University, Los Angeles, as as the Library Web Administrator and as a librarian specialist in Psychology and Anthropology. She has been married to fellow biker Jim Halloran for 25 years. They will be celebrating their 26 wedding anniversary during this trip. They live in Redondo Beach with their cat, Cougar. When she's not biking, at work, or telecommuting, Barbara can generally be found tending to her garden.

The Engine: Barbara is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds with 18% body fat and 127% (age-matched) bone density. She has been road cycling for 15 years and participates frequently in bicycle touring vacations with various commercial bicycle tour companies. She trains by biking 60 to 90 miles per week on rolling to hilly terrain on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Los Angeles beach communities. Barbara follows a healthy "Mediterranian diet" rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy, whole grains, legumes, fish, and olive oil. Barbara is in excellent cardiovascular health, with a resting heart rate of 50 bpm, a 187 mg/dL cholesterol count (78 LDL; 92 HDL), blood pressure average of 110/70. In early 1999, Barbara was diagnosed with Sick Sinus Node Syndrome, which is progressive and may ultimately lead to implantation of a heart pacemaker, but hopefully not for another 10 years or more! Right now it is more of an occasional annoyance, causing infrequent brief periods of tachycardia or, rarely, atrial fibrillation. Barbara always rides with a heart rate monitor.

Baba and MerlinThe Bicycle: Barbara rides a custom-built Merlin titanium bicycle with a carbon fiber fork, Campagnolo Chorus 9-speed gears and Shamal wheelsets, Terry handlebars and saddle.

To Contact: You can e-mail Barbara and Jim at scrubjay@adelphia.net.

Last Updated (BC), 2/8/02